Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have not composed an entry since last Spring.
My rather lame reason being I had forgotten my password.  
(which is the truth!)
My brain suddenly retrieved the lost password for a dark and dusty corner of my mind.  
So, here I am!

By the end of the first week of January I am sure most people are SICK of New Year's resolutions.  
I am not really an active participant in making a yearly resolution.  However,  I can see why New Years is the perfect starting point for change.  Starting at the beginning of something is very logical. 
I like logical.  I support logical thinking.

My mom asked me (a few weeks ago) what my "One Word" was going to be.  A very confusing question.
One word I use often?
Having a toddler...that word would probably be "no"...
One new word I begin using?
My brain just screeched to a halt trying to think of a new we won't go there.

No, apparently someone much more creative than me had started this "One Word" thing for the new year. 
 I just did a quick internet search for the "One Word" blog and didn't find it so I won't post it here...sorry.  I have a feeling most people who regularly go on the computer would know what I am referring to.

So, after my mom asked me and I didn't have an answer...well now I do.


Sounds good right?  My cynical half (which is more like 3/4) says it sounds like garbage.  
But, here we go.  
My husband and I would love to have more children.  However, neither of us want to go into another pregnancy with baby #1's weight still clinging onto both of us. 
 And, horror of horrors, baby #1 is almost 2!! 

I'm not looking to turn KSR into a "this is my journey through weight loss and getting healthy to run and marathon and get on US Weekly magazine" blog.  
Although, I'll probably post little things about my One Word here and there..

...Or the next thing you read on KSR might be my One Word for 2013 if past blogging history holds true....

by the way.
I had a salad for lunch but I imagine it was a large french fry with chili from Wendy's.  
I have a good imagination.

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  1. ;-) I hope you continue to write, Lara, because as I read I hear your voice and it's like having a visit. Or maybe we just did...I think I just hung up my phone. Never can have too many visits so ...just keep blogging!

    It's ironic that you've chosen "healthy" for your word because you are so attentive to your family's nutrition and making such wonderfully delicious meals!!!

    Love you!!!!