Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By Request

The request was made for me to start a blog.  My immediate thought was 'what would I write about that people would actually want to read?'  I am still having that particular thought.  

Kitchen sink revelations -  I'm fairly certain my blog title is probably influence from something I read or saw on TV, but I can't remember from where so I claim this as my own...until someone tells me otherwise.  

Kitchen sink revelations - this has two meanings.  

  1. A play on the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink".  I'll be writing about whatever strikes me at the moment; books, music, recipes, funny situations, and (of course) reality tv. 
  2. I am a wife and mother which means I spend a good deal of time at the kitchen sink.  Oddly enough, I find working at the sink a great place to think, to roll things around in my head.  Many a revelation happens for me at the kitchen sink.

What you will not find here at Kitchen Sink Revelations:
-proper grammar, spelling or punctuation.  i'm not writing a blog to practice my english skills.
-sound advice or solid facts (unless i say otherwise but mostly things will be opinion based -my opinion)

So...welcome!  Let the revelation-ing begin! 


  1. Welcome, I look forward to your blogs. BUT.... not pressure. Love ya.

  2. Yay!!! Love it already, Yaya!

  3. yay! I will enjoy every word...